Russell Jenner’s property “Scenic Rim Lucerne” is located in Kalbar, Queensland, Australia.  

Russell agreed to test GrowGreen productson 150 acres of his lucerne crop.

Russell has been on farm for over six years and his land is quite hilly with good quality soil and drainage. 

His main crop is lucerne which is baled for horse feed.  

About twelve months ago he decided to move to biological farming practices.  Russell approached Grow Green Technologies seeking a viable alternative to traditional fertilisers. 

On his property Russell achieves 10+ cuts on average per year. Prior to undertaking the Grow Green trial programme Russell used synthetic fertilizer CK88.  His property is well irrigated with plenty of available dam water.

Key Measures For Russell’s Trial

  • Bale count
  • Leaf drop
  • Plant health

Identified Desired Outcomes

  • Increased bales per acre vs prior yrs
  • Improved visual appearance (colour, leaf quantity, strong stems)

Recommended Application & Treatment Used

The initial program introduced by Russell was Profert® 2L/300L water per hectare, along with 2ml Xtend® per litre of water. 

It was extended and now includes 5L M+ in mix.  There were 2 sprays per cut with the first spray on small growth (1-2 inches).  Russell also extended usage to GGT liquid calcium & sulphur and is about to trial Phoscal.  Russell is also using Hydrotech to assist with insect control. 

Trial Outcome

As a result of the trial Russell has seen an increased yield (bale count) and is now using  Grow Green Technology products exclusively on his property.

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