ProAmin® is an amino acid base feed and biostimulant.

It has undergone a proprietary six month process involving the enzymatic and bacterial digestion of marine-sourced proteins. This breakdown of protein molecules means that the birds can readily absorb nutrients efficiently and rapidly.

The nutrients in ProAmin are in a very easily digestible form as it is from an organic source.

Most feed formulations do not consider bio availability of micro nutrients, hence there is always a possibility of deficiency. ProAmin addresses such deficiency and tops-up such essential nutrients. The microbes help fight bacteria.

Features and benefits

  • 50% reduction in mortality rates (verified in overseas tests).
  • FCR (weight gain to feed consumption) is greater than or equal to stockfeed containing synthetic amino acids.
  • Trial results strongly indicate that stockfeed containing a combination of synthetic amino acids and ProAmin improves feed consumption.
  • ProAmin employs pro biotic bacteria in both the digestion and stabilisation process. These processes use proprietary enzymes which reduce the protein to highly digestible L form amino acids.
  • ProAmin costs less that synthetic amino acids.
  • ProAmin also contains the following: micro nutrients (essential for growth and well-being of chickens), magnesium, manganese, zinc, selenium, boron, molybdenum, silicon.

ProAmin benefits layers

  • Increased egg mass and or hen/day production improvement.
  • Marginal reduction in feed consumption after a few weeks of usage
  • Lesser infection in digestive system on regular usage
  • Longer period / higher hen house production.

 ProAmin water application protocol (layers)

  • Avoid using ProAmin for 24 to 34-week old birds.
  • Start ProAmin when the birds are 35 weeks of age and continue until they are culled. (Response will be positive between 35 to 65 week of age).
  • Suggested daily dosage is 75 mL per 1000 birds (assuming 1.5 kg body weight birds).
  • It is recommended to review the dosage and make any correction once every 4 weeks if necessary.
  • To be administered in the evening drinking water, when the albumin production starts.

pro amin nutrient profile



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