Xtend® is a highly efficient organic sticker/spreader. It is used with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and foliar nutrient sprays to maximizes their effectiveness while benefiting the surrounding environment.


  • Increased target penetration due to its composition. Xtend bonds with leaf and insect cuticles. This increases the penetration of the spray onto the target.
  • Drift reduction. The uniformity of droplet size reduces the very fine droplets associated with drift and off the target damage.
  • Odour reduction. Xtend reduces offensive and toxic odours associated with some spray products.
  • Minimised evaporation. Xtend puts a protective layer of oil over the spray droplet. This means your valuable spray will survive longer on the target.
  • Rainfast enhancement. Works in adverse spraying conditions. Once applied, Xtend's protective oil layer repels water, minimising wash-off in light rain falls after spraying.
  • Insect and fungus control. Growers are continually commenting that Xtend aids the plants natural defense against adverse weather conditions and pests such as mites, aphids, scales, thrips and other insects.
  • UV protectant. Xtend forms a protective film on the contact surface which helps prevent sunlight damage to plant tissue.
  • Less water required as Xtend increases spread and coverage of sprays, meaning that less water is required as a carrier.


Crop Rate/ha* Number of applications
All crops 200-300 mL Every time an adjuvant is needed with fertilisers or chemicals

*diluted in a minimum of 100L of water per hectare.

For Results

Whether mixed with chemicals, nutrient sprays or biologicals such as Profert® Pasture or Microbe Plus®; Xtend will minimise spray drift, odours and run off.
It will increase contact coverage and uptake by the spray target. This often reduces the need to frequently respray for pests.

High Coverage

Xtend maximises the performance of horticultural and garden sprays by increasing the amount of spray that reaches and adheres to the sprayed surface, providing a natural safe carrier for your sprays.

Increased Spreading Capacity

Xtend adheres to the waxy surfaces of foliage and insects, spreading out in a thin layer across the treated surface. It overcomes the problem of beaded droplets on waxy surfaces. Therefore it covers a much greater area, spreading the spray where it is needed.

Environmentally Friendly

Xtend is a certified organic product. It will degrade by natural process much faster than mineral oils, reducing the risk of pesticide or mineral oil build-up on crops or in the soil. Xtend is safe to use on all foliage, fruit and crops and is kind to the environment. The addition of vitamins A and E will also benefit soil micro-organisms.

Active Ingredients

A unique blend of highly degummed canola oils blended with vitamins A & E

Shelf Life

Xtend should be stored at ambient temperature conditions (between 18C and 30C).

Compatibility and Use

Xtend should be premixed with the spray concentrate and then diluted in water.

Xtend can be mixed with most commonly used insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and foliar fertilisers. We recommend however, to always check the label of the product to be mixed for compatibility prior to application.

  • Do not use Xtend with Delan®, Targa®, Achieve® and Dodine.
  • A prime function of Xtend is to increase the efficiency of the products carried. Therefore, to avoid damaging the crop through excessive uptake of pesticides or other products, always test the rate to be applied by application to a small area prior to full scale spraying with a new product. It has been commonly noted that up to a 20% reduction in herbicide or pesticide may be warranted in order to offset the increased uptake.
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