AminoElite® is a foliar fertiliser produced by a unique microbial digestion process. It involves the breakdown of deep-sea fish emulsion and crustaceans into a form where plants can rapidly absorb the available nutrients through their foliage or through their root system.

This unique process, used to manufacture AminoElite and developed through 25 years of R&D, allows us to preserve beneficial microbes and creates nutrients in the form of absorbable amino acids.

Plants will rapidly absorb these nutrients in a noticeably shorter time than with conventional fertilisers.

Why AminoElite works so well

Unlike most other liquid protein sources, AminoElite is produced via a unique ambient (room) temperature process. This process involves bacterial digestion which preserves the protein molecules.

In doing so, beneficial microbes are unharmed and continue to increase over time. Increased microbes will improve your soil biology as well as improve your plants nutrition.

Importance of amino acids & trace elements

Amino acids are the essential building blocks for plant growth. AminoElite has a series of L shaped amino acids. These amino acids are good chelating agents, which facilitates nutrient absorption through the foliar surface and through the root system, transporting nutrients more efficiently throughout the plant.

Most soils have deficiencies of trace elements. AminoElite is a concentrated source of both macro and micronutrients. It will provide organic nitrogen to your plant and soil and beneficial microbes to your soil.

Inclusion of crustaceans

Deep-sea crustaceans are a good source of chitin. The presence of chitin and the enzyme chitinase, enhance the immune system of the plant.

Amino Acid (AA) analysis (mg/L) and benefits

AminoElite contains minimum 3.5% (w/v) Amino Acids with the approximate composition of:

AA   Metabolic functions of AA
Aspartic Acid 5% Seed germination
Threonine 2.5% Improve drought tolerance
Serine 4.5% Chlorophyll production, Stomata regulation, Improve Pollination
Glutamic Acid 10% Chlorophyll production, stomata regulation, pollination, seed germination
Proline 9% Heat, Salt, and Drought tolerance
Glycine 27.5% Chelation, Heat tolerance, Chlorophyll production
Alanine 12.5% Chlorophyll production, seed germination
Valine 4.5% Drought tolerance, seed germination
Methionine 0.2% Ripening, stomata regulation
Isoleucine 3% Salt and Drought tolerance, Pollination
Leucine 5.5% Salt and Drought tolerance, Pollination
Phenylalanine 0.8% Humic compound, lignin formation
Histidine 1% Aids fruit ripening
Lysine 5% Chlorophyll production, seed germination
Arginine 4% Root development, induces Flowering and Fruiting Hormones
Hydroxiproline 5% Defence against Pathogens attack Water movement through the plant

 * Being a microbial product the concentration of the different amino acids may vary.

 Product Benefits

  • Healthy plants are better able to resist environmental stresses such as pests, disease and extreme weather conditions.
  • The correct balance of Micro and Macro nutrients will aid the plants ability to produce uniformity in fruit size, colour, and shape.
  • Microbes and bacteria help supply organic nitrogen to the plant and soil.
  • AminoElite can enhance the uptake and assimilation of trace minerals to rapidly correct minor micronutrient deficiencies.
  • Improving soil microbial activity can aid the reduction of bulk fertilisers use and assist with unlocking built-up nutrients.
  • AminoElite has a Nil withholding period.

More about the amino acids in AminoElite

Shelf Life and Storage

Shelf Life up to 12 months from manufacture.

AminoElite should be stored at ambient temperature conditions. It is recommended to be stored out of direct sunlight, but within a well lit area so that the microbial digestion process within the product continues.

Compatibility & Use

AminoElite can be mixed and applied with most commonly used pesticides, however, AminoElite should not be used with selected herbicides.

We strongly recommend checking labels for compatibility as well as testing in a small area prior to widespread application.

AminoElite is rainfast in 15 minutes. We suggest not applying if rain is expected shortly after application.

Optimising results

Use with Grow Green’s Xtend® plant oil adjuvant for optimum results. Xtend will maximise the result by reducing drift and increasing adherence to the sprayed surface.

Typical analysis

Nutrient Form Analysis (W/V)
Nitrogen (N) as protein 1.10%
  as nitrate 0.20%
  as urea 1.80%
  as ammonium 0.20%
  Total 3.30%
Phosphorus (P) as water soluble 0.70%
Potassium (K) as protein 0.30%
  as phosphate 0.20%
  Total 0.50%
Sulphur (S) as sulphate 0.55%
Calcium (Ca) as nitrate 0.20%
Zinc (Zn) as sulphate 0.10%
Magnesium (Mg) as sulphate 0.02%
Boron (B) as sodium borate 0.04%
Molybdenum (Mo) as sodium molybdate 0.01%
Iron (Fe) as sulphate 0.005%
Manganese (Mn) as sulphate 0.025%
Cobalt (Co) as sulphate 0.0025%


AminoElite is available in the following containers: 20L and 1000L


Crop Rate/ha* Number of applications
Horticultural crops 1.5 to 2L 3-4 foliar applications: pre flowering, post flowering and fruit enlargement stage
Broadacre Winter crops 1.5-2L Liquid injection at seed sowing stage, 2 foliar applications (mid tillering and booting - grain filling stage)
Broadacre Summer crops 1.5-2L 2-3 foliar applications: pre flowering, post flowering and grain filling stage
Annual and perennial pasture 2-3L 3-4 foliar applications post grazing

*diluted in a minimum of 100L of water per hectare. Spray to point of runoff.

For information about specific application rates, please contact our technical staff
Telephone: +61 7 5463 9900
OR 1800 355 913
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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