Grow Green has long asserted that its fertiliser technology dramatically reduces leaching into the air and waterways.

Recent US tests conducted by respected agricultural research and testing house Control Laboratories, deliver conclusive evidence that this is indeed the case as the linked results summary and article shows, with Grow Green’s Microbe Plus delivering reductions in leaching of a a minimum of 30% against conventional chemical fertilisers.


Grow Green has long been aware of the problems caused by the leaching of fertiliser products into the world’s air and waterways, and has worked diligently for many years on developing technology that delivers solutions to these problems, while at the same time not compromising our long stated aims of delivering to growers superior yields and stronger, healthier crops

Now recent independent American laboratory tests have confirmed Grow Green’s claims that their products retain a higher percentage of nutrients and remain in the root zone of a plant for considerably longer than conventional chemical fertilisers.

Watsonville, California based Control Laboratories, have accumulated five decades of experience in analyzing and solving a wide spectrum of complex soil, soil-related, compost, and water-borne or effluent problems, and are widely respected across the US agricultural sector Control Laboratories’ have analyzed the performance of grow Green’s Microbe Plus product against conventional UAN fertiliser.

Their analysis consisted of measuring and recording the amounts of leached nutrient through two different soil structures, - pure sand and sandy loam. In the tests measured amounts of these soils were added to containers in which solutions of conventional ammonium nitrate and GrowGreen's Microbe Plus were added then capped to prevent evaporation.

Once the soil was 'irrigated' with water, the leachate was collected and analyzed. This process was repeated three times in all samples.

Results overwhelmingly displayed significantly higher concentrations of nitrogen (a crucial element for plant growth) in the samples where GrowGreen was applied.

In all cases, nitrogen leached a minimum of 30% less than with the standard ammonium nitrate solution.


Test comparing 7.98% UAN to 7.98% Grow Green Fertiliser
  Fertiliser Type WASH 1 WASH 2 WASH 3
SAND 100% Sand  INORGANIC N 11% 0% 0%
GROWGREEN 67% 58.33% 57.66%
SOIL Sandy Loam  INORGANIC N 36% 22% 18%
GROWGREEN 63% 49.66% 49.66%



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