Tim Hancock of Stanhope in North Central Victoria trialled Grow Green fertiliser technology products on 2.4 hectares of his pasture.

The paddocks were planted with permanent pasture several years ago; they have recently been over sown with ONE50 Ryegrass with White clover included.  The paddocks are used on a continual rotation of around 19-21 days and are eaten off by approx 350 Dairy cows.

Originally the paddocks were sown along with urea and usually superphosphate during spring and into summer; Paddocks adjacent had been fertilised with a Worm Casting product costing approx $35/ha at the same intervals recommended for Grow Green products.

The property is flood irrigated from mains channel on average around the 10 day mark.

The objectives for the trial were:

  • Improved growth
  • Continual feed supply leading into hotter months
  • Cost reduction
  • Protein improvement in milk
  • Quantity improvement in milk
  • Cow satisfaction without eating to the ground

The Grow Green application for the trial was Profert® + Xtend®. Total area 2.4 ha.

Tim observed after the trial that the stem on the ryegrass was significantly larger, clover leaf was much bigger and the flower on the clover was opened and larger.  Paddock rotation was reduced to 15-16 Days and the cows filled up leaving more growth for quicker regrowth.  The paddocks were darker in colour meaning a healthier, nourishing plant.

Tim stated:
"I was very surprised to find that Profert® was the most cost efficient of all the products I have tried.
"It has given the best result with the pasture and is always the best paddock in re-growth in speed and density.
"The cows eat well in this paddock; they don’t seem to be as fussy as they are in other paddocks.
"The best part of using this product has been the knowledge that I am improving the soil as well as getting good growth."

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