With the great success that Grow Green products have been having with lucerne crops, we are often asked what programs we would recommend for achieving optimum results.

While of course the right program can always vary by degrees according to a range of factors, in particular specific soil composition, the following is a program that clients of ours  in Northern Victoria and Southern NSW have been using with great success.


  a)    After Cut 1  – foliar spray the following mix

Per hectare  –  with 100 litres of water   

  • 4 Litres Microbe Plus NPK   
  • 2 Litres  Microbe Plus Potassium   
  • 2.5 Litres  Profert   
  • 250mL Xtend adjuvant

Spray to point of runoff

b)   After Cut 2 –  again per hectare with 100 Litres of Water

  • 4 Litres  Microbe Plus NPK
  • 3 Litres Phoscal
  • 1.5 Litres Profert
  • 200mL  Xtend adjuvant

 Spray to point of runoff

Alternate these applications until the end of the season.

Finally we would recommend that you do not spray when the grass/crop is wet – either through rain or frost – or if rain is expected over the following few hours. And for best results it is recommended to avoid spraying in strong wind conditions.

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