Minimizing the damage caused by diseases and pests — it’s a goal all farmers have shared since farming began — and sugar cane farmers are no exception. 

With the right technology it is certainly achievable.

The right approach is to improve nutrition in order to strengthen the immune system of your crop while bringing you an improved yield based on the crops ability to withstand frost and heat stress. 

How nutrients are translocated enhances sugar content and assists you with an increase in overall crop health.

Grow Green’s fertiliser range is such a technology.

Remediation is costly and time consuming

It stands to reason that caring for our soil, nurturing what is one of our greatest assets, is sound economic sense. The result is a sustainable and growing resource.  To achieve this requires an integrated approach. 

Here at Grow Green we have been able to show that the most economical and sustainable method towards growing plants is in fact an integrated approach.

A healthy plant needs to in turn sustain a healthy soil in order to produce sustainable and profitable yields. This means we have to consider how these factors relate to environmental considerations as well.

To attain healthy soil it must allow both moisture and air movement while providing a home for beneficial micro organisms, have an acceptable pH range, and contain a base of nutrients and micro nutrients.

The application of Grow Green’s products assist you in making sure your soil is and remains a healthy asset.

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