Pacific Seeds Research Station specializes in mixed hybrid crops for seed capture and trials.

In late 2009/early 2010 Alex Kidd of Pacific Seeds Research Station trialled Grow Green fertiliser technology on their crops using various application techniques including foliar spray to seed planting.

The property is a large research trial farm where Alex grows and looks for strong healthy plants. Many agronomists and technicians frequent this facility.

Previously a traditional fertiliser was utilised in combination with rum (worm juice), CK 88/Katec manure pellets and Nitro-phoska blue, while irrigation was supplied from good dam and bore water.

The key objective for the trial was the production of strong healthy plants. The application method used for the trial was foliar spray and planting injection.

At the conclusion of the Grow Green trial Alex said he: "…is very happy with the products and will start buying both Xtend® and Profert®. Xtend will be used with the glyphosates etc."

Alex added that he, "Really noticed a difference with some of the crops that suffered from lack of water late last year (2009). They held up very well." And that, "Seeded trials came away very well and rooted quickly".

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