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Grow Green's premier product, Amino Elite is complex, effective and versatile

Grow Green’s Amino Elite is a complex suite of amino acids that target enhanced nutrient efficiency.

For example, the ability for a plant to translocate calcium to all necessary areas of the plant is very difficult. To this end we include, along with other amino acids, glycine and aspartic acid.
For issues relating to salinity and water deficiency we include proline, threonine and phenylalanine. And for chlorophyll production we include, glutamic, lysine and serine acid.
From these few examples, you can begin to see that Amino Elite is an extremely complex and versatile product.
It is produced without heating, utilising bacterial digestion thus allowing us to preserve beneficial microbes and creating nutrients in the form of absorbable amino acids.

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Benefit from Grow Green's unique Microbe PLUS® range

The Microbe Plus® range is a true fusion of biological and conventional NPK fertilisers making it ideal for horticultural and broadacre crops.

All products in the Microbe Plus range contain a comprehensive suite of bacteria and fungi that provide beneficial microbes to your soil. Microbes that improve soil health and structure — which in turn improve plant health, development and productivity.
All the nutrients in the Microbe Plus range have been microbially digested using Grow Green’s proprietary blend of plant beneficial microbes. This process emulates the process found in nature, and converts the nutrients into a 100% plant available form.
The Microbe Plus® range is suitable for all crops.

All products in the Microbe Plus range can:

  • Inoculate the soil with essential beneficial microbes — those necessary for good soil health and structure, and those that plants need for their development and productivity
  • Offer nutrients that are available immediately through the leaf, fruit and plant roots with nil withholding period
  • Work through all irrigation, drip systems and foliar sprays

All products in the the Microbe Plus range are:

  • Enhanced with micro-fine zeolite, molasses and fulvic acid
  • An organically chelated blend of essential trace elements combined with NPK to provide a completely balanced, microbially digested product for optimum uptake and availability.

Grow Green product range

  • AminoElite
  • Profert
  • Xtend
  • Microbe Plus® Kelp
  • Microbe Plus® Pasture
  • Microbe Plus® Calcium
  • Microbe Plus® Potassium
  • Microbe Plus® Zinc
  • Microbe Plus® PhosCal
  • Microbe Plus® Citrus
  • Microbe Plus® High N-S
  • Custom blends
  • ProAmin® a natural source of amino acids
  • AminoOrganic™ Premium
  • Microbe Plus® Drip

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