Neville Langlands and his business Bidgee Chaff, near Wagga Wagga in the Riverina region of NSW, have been satisfied customers of Grow Green for the past few years.  

On October 30 2013, Neville gave the Wagga Rural newspaper some insight into the results he has been seeing using Grow Green Products.

Here is a copy of the news article.


NEVILLE Langlands and his family business “Bidgee Chaff and Hay” at Wantabadgery, 60 kms east of Wagga Wagga, have been providing prime quality lucerne, wheaten and clover cereal mix chaff to thoroughbred studs and produce stores for the past 18 years.

The thoroughbred breeding industry has exacting standards when it comes to feed quality. For Neville, meeting these expectations, in particular with respect to delivering high protein levels, is of vital importance.

In 2011 while seeking improved fertiliser solutions, Neville came across a range of biological fertiliser products manufactured by Australian company Grow Green Technologies.

"Initially Grow Green, arranged a soil test that identified the biological activity in our soil and also some particular areas of deficiency in our soil, eg sulphur."

"Based on this analysis, Grow Green then provided a complete set of programs based around Grow Green’s Microbe Plus and Profert products, which covered the key production areas of our farm, and in particular the growing of lucerne."

It soon became apparent that the naturally occurring Amino Acids and suite of macro and micro nutrients delivered through the Grow Green lucerne program were having a beneficial effect on both Neville’s crops and his soil.

Neville explains. "Initially my established lucerne paddocks received two foliar sprays. The results were a sight for sore eyes!"

"I have now been using Grow Green products for three years and they have proven to be very cost effective as well as consistently increasing yield.

"In fact these days I regularly seem to have so much feed I can’t jump over it.

"In particular we saw the benefits in 2012, which was a very wet year.

"The Murrumbidgee peaked and flooded running onto our lucerne paddocks. Very little lucerne died, and then only in the low areas.

"The microbial content of Grow Green products has delivered a quality I haven’t seen before and it appears to have also improved plant stress tolerance and vigour.

"Using Grow Green programs my lucerne crops have also shown an ability to hang on in the dry times and respond quickly when the rains arrive.

"I think of Grow Green products as an insurance policy—they have delivered increased yields in good years, but have really come into their own in the tough years.

"Importantly in my experience Grow Green really understands lucerne."

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