Moisture stress, it needs no introduction if you’re charged with the responsibility of maintaining fairways and greens. Couple the effects of wear and tear with the harsh Australian environment, the added pressure of restricted water resources and it’s not only the greenery that ends up stressed!

The solution isn’t necessarily more water and fertiliser, but rather the use of technology that improves soil structure so that the nutrients and moisture are more easily retained. Grow Green sustainable fertiliser products have actually been designed with precisely this in mind.

Fertilising your fairways and greens using products that give you continual improvement in their soil structure, water infiltration and moisture retention, reduces the stress placed on the grass and soil, while improving the general health and well-being of a course and it follows, in so doing, reduces the stress placed on you.

Greenkeepers have found that switching to regular use of a sustainable fertiliser product, such as those developed by Grow Green, ensures more vigorous turf species that are better able to withstand the rigours of regular high volume foot traffic and other mechanical abuse.

Over time, fairways and greens show a significant increase in quality and better growth during the more difficult periods such as moisture stress. Sustained use ensures a healthier soil profile for perennial turf growth.

Achievable results at a substantially reduced cost to conventional treatments.

As a professional Greenkeeper you know that remediation of a golf course is costly and time consuming. It follows that your soil must be nurtured by practices and inputs that build the value of the soil as a sustainable and growing asset that is a credit to the course, keepers and management.

This is the Grow Green ethos when it comes to growing grasses and plants. Adopting an integrated approach, we have considered the needs of a healthy plant, considered the need to sustain a healthy soil and how these considerations interrelate with other environmental considerations, a factor which is and can only increasingly so, become of vital importance into the future with the heightened public awareness of the need for sustainable land management practices.

To build a healthy soil that is well structured, it is essential that it allows both moisture and air movement, has a healthy population of beneficial micro organisms, an acceptable pH range and an acceptable base of nutrients and micro nutrients. Greenkeepers have demonstrated, through using Grow Green technology, that managed applications of the Grow Green products can assure a healthy soil asset.

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