Glenfern Park Stud is a leading thoroughbred horse stud and agistment property located at Romsey about one hour north-west of Melbourne, and home to around 100 broodmares, foals and spelling racehorses.

Glenfern Park manager, David Phips has long been an advocate of non-chemical fertilisers and for some years Glenfern Park have conducted their own on site organic based fertilisation programme. As a consequence, Glenfern Park has been able to provide horse owners with some of the finest grazing pastures in the district throughout the prolonged Victorian drought.

However, when introduced to Profert®, David could immediately see the potential additional benefits of using a biologically active liquid fertiliser to complement his current fertilising regime. 

In July 2009 David decided to conduct a trial by spraying two paddocks with Profert®. After 3 months and just one application of Profert®, David was impressed.


The test areas were 70 acres (approx 30 Ha).

Glenfern Park has ample supplies of dam water.  The specific treatment used for the trial paddocks, for an approximate cost of $11.00 p/Ha was:

  • Profert® : 1.6 ltrs
  • Xtend® : 150ml
  • Water : 100ltrs

At the conclusion of the trial David stated:

“The Profert® paddocks have at least a 30% better pasture growth in them than nearby paddocks, and that is in spite of the fact that I have been grazing the Profert® paddocks far more aggressively than their neighbours. If people ask me if this product works I would say that it most definitely does based on my experience and I look forward to broadening my use of the product in the future.”

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