NE Victorian farmer Gary Poyntz has enjoyed outstanding success with Grow Green products on his pasture in recent years.

On 20 July 2013 conducted the following interview with the popular Country Mail supplement of the Albury-Wodonga Border Mail.

Grow Green thanks Gary for his great support and wishes him many more years of success with our products.

Pasture Packs a Punch with Liquid Lunch

GARY Poyntz says he is not an “alternate” type of farmer.  “But I do regard myself as someone who uses good farming practices,”  he said.

“I have nothing against farmers who use various organic systems to improve the quality of the soil.” “It is a question of horses for courses and I prefer to use a commercial biological fertiliser.

“The results I have obtained are amazing.”

Mr Poyntz and his wife, Vicki, farm  200  hectares  at Wooragee, 140 of  which  carry  196  head  of cattle on agistment plus their own herd of cows and calves.

“The soil in this area is very acidic,” he said.  

“I don’t know if this is scientific but I couldn’t see the point of putting out superphosphate and then lime to neutralise it.  

“I am not saying that superphosphate has been superseded.

“I just find the products I use have worked wonders for us.”

Those products are Profert – a liquid spray-on with fish emulsion — and Microbe Plus, which contains trace elements, bacteria and fungi, and made by GrowGreen.

“I send a soil test to Everton Fuel and Farm Supplies and they supply me with the right mix of Microbe Plus for my soil, which in my case has a sulphur deficiency,” he said.  

“That  is  then  mixed  with  the Profert and sprayed onto the paddocks.”

Mr Poyntz said the proof of the pudding is in the eating – literally.

“We usually raise orphaned calves with buckets of milk and grain pellets,” he said. 

“But we are now able to virtually put them straight onto rye grass in the paddocks.

“And I don’t have to feed the cattle hay and roughage in the winter as we are growing pasture right through the season, which is unheard of; at the moment I have pasture up past my ankles.  

“The pasture obviously is supplying them with all the nutrition they need.”

Mr Poyntz said using a non-chemical based fertiliser, as he has been doing for three years, was not only improving his soil but also cutting down on the need to use chemical pesticides.

“I can’t believe the number of worms in the soil,” he said.  

“And this fertiliser, which I spray on the paddocks in autumn and spring, also unlocks the phosphorous, which is locked up by continual use of superphosphate.

“We always had to spray for red-legged earth mite but I haven’t done that for a couple of years.”

Mr Poyntz admitted he was sceptical at first.

“This property goes back for four generations of my family,  to the 1860s,” he said.  

“For the first 12 months nothing happened but then suddenly we were getting the results we were looking for.  

“There will always be a place for superphosphate; after all, we have large, cloven-hooved beasts walking across and feeding on the paddocks.”

Mr Poyntz said the biological fertiliser he was using was also much cheaper.

“And that is important whenever your inputs are much higher than your returns.” he said.

“I just find the products I use have worked wonders for us.”

 Albury-Wodonga Border Mail on Saturday July 20 2013. Reprinted by kind permission of the Border Mail .

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