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Grow Green’s microbially active fertiliser product range is the result of 20 years research and development that has resulted in new techniques that will improve your profitability.

Grow Green is proud to introduce our range of microbially active fertiliser products, developed and proven through 20 years of research and sales from our home base in Queensland Australia.

Our fertiliser products are microbially active and packed with nutrients and key trace elements. All of the nutrients have been microbially digested using Grow Green's proprietary blend of beneficial soil microbes. This process emulates the natural process found in nature, and converts the nutrients into 100% plant available fertiliser form. They will be rapidly absorbed by your plants improving both plant growth and soil structure.

Across the world finding a solution to the problem of nutrient run off is becoming an imperative for farmers and growers. Grow Green can assist here too, with a range of products that have been shown to dramatically reduce nutrient run off into the air and waterways.

Most importantly of all though for growers, Grow Green products have consistently shown that they can deliver improved yields across a wide range of crops in a cost effective manner.

We at Grow Green are proud to say that the benefits of our exceptional product range are now being enjoyed by growers across five continents - in North America, Europe, North Asia, West Africa, and of course here in Australia.

I invite you to browse the website or to contact us directly to discuss the benefits that Grow Green products can deliver to your business.

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Malcolm Taylor

Managing Director, Grow Green

GrowGreen Fertiliser Products


GrowGreen Global Network

GrowGreen USA

GrowGreen USA LLC is the exclusive distributor of GrowGreen’s range of microbially active fertiliser products throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico.

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GrowGreen in Europe

GrowGreen Europe is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. GrowGreen Europe currently distributes GrowGreen’s range of microbially active fertiliser products throughout Bulgaria and nearby countries.

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GrowGreen India

GrowGreen India supplies GrowGreen Technologies exclusive range of agricultural fertiliser products throughout India.

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GrowGreen in Pakistan

GrowGreen has appointed Oriental Bio Hybrid Pty Ltd as the exclusive distributor of our fertiliser product range in Pakistan.  To talk about improving your crop outcomes please contact Mubshar Iqbal or complete our online enquiry form.

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GrowGreen Ghana

GrowGreen Ghana represents Grow Green in Africa, supplying GrowGreen Technologies exclusive range of agricultural fertiliser products to increase yields and improve soil quality.

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GrowGreen Australia

GrowGreen Australia supplies GrowGreen Technologies exclusive range of agricultural fertiliser products to dealers, farmers and agriculturists throughout Australia and its Territories.

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