Specialists in amino acid crop nutrition

GROW GREEN is at the forefront in crop nutrition technology utilising Amino Acids

Grow Green is a specialist fertiliser company that has grown its technical knowledge over 25 years. Our unique expertise is in specialised amino acids.

Our exclusive digestion technique allows Amino Acids to be extracted in forms that are readily accessible and absorbed by plants.

Application of Grow Green products has been shown to improve the nutritional effectiveness of traditional fertiliser programs. 

Grow Green has undertaken extensive trials in wheat, barley, cotton, citrus, grapes, almonds, lucerne and many vegetables crops.

Our commitment to evidence–based research has put Grow Green in a unique position to present farmers with a better understanding of how Amino Acids improve plant responses.

Results from trials and demonstrations have consistently shown that including Grow Green products in any fertiliser program can:

  • Increase yields
  • Extend the shelf life of produce
  • Increase sugar and mineral levels in produce and plants
  • Release valuable 'locked-up' nutrients in the soil
  • Significantly improve soil structure
  • Improve drought tolerance
  • Increase resistance to many pests and diseases
  • Reduce inorganic inputs

Grow Green trials, demonstrations and product range


Grow Green's flagship product, AminoElite®

Grow Green has excellence in the knowledge and production of Amino Acids as demonstrated in its flagship product, AminoElite®.


AminoElite® is a foliar fertiliser produced by a unique process that involves the breakdown of selected marine by-products into a form where plants can readily absorb the available nutrients either through their foliage or root system.

The unique process used to manufacture AminoElite creates nutrients in the form of absorbable amino acids. Plants will rapidly absorb these nutrients in a noticeably shorter time than conventional fertilisers. Healthy plants are generally better able to withstand stress from environmental sources, including pests and diseases.

AminoElite is also a concentrated source of soil microflora.

AminoElite benefits

  • Healthy plants are better able to withstand environmental stress such as pests and disease.
  • The correct balance of micro and macro nutrients will aid the plant's ability to produce uniformity in fruit size, colour and shape.
  • Microbes and bacteria help supply organic nitrogen to the plant and soil.
  • Enhances the uptake and assimilation of trace minerals to rapidly correct minor micronutrient deficiencies.
  • Improving soil microbial activity can aid the reduction of bulk fertiliser use and assist with unlocking built-up nutrients.
  • Nil withholding period.

More about AminoElite

Benefit from our unique Microbe Plus® range

The Microbe Plus® range is a true fusion of biological and conventional NPK fertilisers making it ideal for horticultural and broadacre crops.

All products in the Microbe Plus range contain a comprehensive suite of bacteria and fungi that provide beneficial microbes to your soil. Microbes that improve soil health and structure — which in turn improve plant health, development and productivity.

All the nutrients in the Microbe Plus range have been microbially digested using Grow Green’s proprietary blend of plant beneficial microbes. This process emulates the process found in nature, and converts the nutrients into a 100% plant available form.

The Microbe Plus® range is suitable for all crops.

All products in the Microbe Plus range can:

  • Inoculate the soil with essential beneficial microbes — those necessary for good soil health and structure, and those that plants need for their development and productivity
  • Offer nutrients that are available immediately through the leaf, fruit and plant roots with nil withholding period
  • Work through all irrigation, drip systems and foliar sprays

All products in the the Microbe Plus range are:

  • Enhanced with molasses and fulvic acid
  • An organically chelated blend of essential trace elements combined with NPK to provide a completely balanced, microbially digested product for optimum uptake and availability.
Many products in the Microbe Plus range are:
  • Fortified with micro-fine zeolite


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